2PCS Under Seat Storage Box with lids for Tesla Model Y 2023(TPE)


  • Custom-like OEM appearance Design: KUNIST Model Y Under seat storage box is designed with a honeycomb pattern on the outside, and a combination of sun pattern and high-gloss texture on the inside. Compared with the felt storage box, the overall color is brighter and the grade is higher. This special design adds friction to the surface of the storage box, allowing you to pull out the storage box faster and more conveniently.
  • High-quality Material: TPE under-seat storage box is made of new environmentally friendly TPE material, which is resistant to high temperatures and does not emit odor. The soft TEP material allows you to wash the storage box conveniently, and the material itself has a certain shock-absorbing effect, which perfectly solves the shortcomings of troublesome cleaning of the felt cloth seat storage box and poor shock absorption effect. Cover material is ABS, More durable.
  • Perfect fit size: Our new TEP Under Seat Storage Box is 38*25*10cm in size, 0.5KG in weight, light in weight, easy to install, can slide into Model Y perfectly and fit tightly, so it doesn’t Will rock around and move into place.
  • Multi-functional Application: under the seat organizer can not only be used for car storage but also can be used as a bucket, whether it is used to hold fish when fishing (go out activities) or to hold water or drinks, our storage tray box can meet your needs. The matching lid can not only reduce the accumulation of dust but also prevent items from falling out of the storage box due to collision.
  • Perfect after-sales service: If this model y accessory is damaged during transportation or normal use within 30 days, we will send you a new storage box, if you have any problems during the use of the storage box, please feel free to contact us, we will solve the problem for you within 12 hours.



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