2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland

Cup Holder Insert for 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland Accessories


【Applicable Models】cup holder insert is perfectly compatible with 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland. This cup holder adopts the original car mold opening technology, the size is accurate, and center console cup holder fits seamlessly with the original car center console.
【Function】Fixing beverage containers of different sizes.(Ordinary cups, coffee cups, soda cans, energy drinks, etc)
【Perfect Fit】Suitable for standard packaging cups and medium-sized cups of beverage containers of various sizes, such as water cups, beverage bottles, coffee cups, energy drinks etc.
【High Quality】Made of TPE & soft silicone material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and tasteless, with good high temperature resistance characteristics. Material is relatively soft, not produce noise during driving, and will not damage the original car.
【Easy to Install and Clean】This center console drink holder does not require tools, just put it in your console. If your water cup limiter gets dirty, just rinse it with water. When using, unfold the cup holder to both sides and repeat several times.



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