Rear Under Seat Air Vent Cover for Tesla Model Y Model 3 Accessories


Upgraded Customized
OBK air vent cover is specially designed for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. The new upgrade, the heightened bottom design prevents debris and gravel from rolling into the air-conditioning duct. The unique design of the air guide vanes changes the angle of the air conditioner blowing directly to the footpad and does not affect the air outlet volume, which perfectly solves the problem of dust raising.

Durable and Practical
Air Conditioning Outlet Cover Under Seat Air Vent Grille Protector can effectively prevent all kinds of small stuff fall blocking the air vents. it will be one of your must-have model y accessories.

Quality Material
The back seat air vent cover is made of premium ABS plastic, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to deformation, won’t be afraid to step on it. perfect fit, and nice look.

Easy to Install
Upgraded and improved snap-on installation, no tape or tools required, just align the product with the air outlet and press. The grid is evenly distributed and will not affect the volume of airflow.

If you are bothered by these things.
1. The air outlet opening of the original car is flush with the floor, and it is very easy to roll in sand and debris and cannot be cleaned.
2. The angle of the air outlet goes straight to the foot pad, which will bring dust every time it is opened, and the dust in the sealed space inside the car will continue to blow and fall, and the bad air will continue to circulate. In summer, the wind direction of the air conditioner is turned on, and the front glass will condense and fog up. The air direction blows forward and makes us not comfortable. Only downward is the best choice.
SO, OBK deflector air outlet cover has a vane deflector. It solved the above problems.

Package including:1 Pair



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